Thursday, June 26, 2008

Adsense with the help of integrity - which side are you?

The word is out. For all the talk about making money on the Internet ... Google Adsense is finally "The Real Deal". Their text link contextual advertising program May not be the perfect solution for everyone. But its ease of use are the first and best choice for many, many webmasters.

However, as people begin to see the real, physical checks arrive in their mailbox, month after month, some form of insanity can set in: "Hey, if I can do it with only one or two websites ... if I had 50 or 100? "In fact, it is now a" business model "in circulation which said:" Building 2 new websites per week. If you can XXX average per week, you can do XXXXX dollars per month total ... with virtually no extra work at all! "

But here's the problem. This so-called business model that is doomed to fail. Google is already informally referring to these sites as "spam sites" ... and they move to prevent them from filing and in their search results. More news about this will follow soon enough. But, rest assured, they respond.

Why these sites are known as "spam"? Because they are adding no new value on the Web! The concept of the Internet is not just slap ties affiliation and hope to make a million search engine through referrals. On the contrary, it is a site with real value built an audience, and if people are there for their main objective, you can also use your influence to approve a product that you believe in.

Or maybe that your site exists for the express purpose of selling a single product. No problem. But you have an obligation not just take the space and "gum" on the Web (spam!) Of slapping up a page and get a lot of incoming links and try to dominate the SERPS . What are you looking to add? Come with a better location for sale. Offer comparisons of your product to competition. Add a certain value.

Many webmasters have begun to use RSS to add a bit of dynamic content, syndication and Article add sites to static content in an effort to strengthen their site. It is well ... and it is in the spirit of the Internet.

However, there is an insidious new philosophy / technique called "scratching" where the content is automatically located by keyword, and while the content is stolen from the site of origin and reconstituted ... as if it was original about the new site. There are now programs and services there that for you.

It is a terrible idea. And it is doomed to failure. Because it is theft ... and it is against the spirit of what the web is. Not only these sites are not the platform for which Google Adsense designed. They will put an end to finally ... and you hurt everyone in time (why do you think Google had to create a "sandbox effect" in the first place?).

If you do not have something new to offer, Do not Build a site and claim he has a reason to exist. Bring something new, something solid, something of value. Bring your point of view, your experience ... and collect valuable resources to support your site. Then, using RSS and sections to add additional value. Sites like that have a reason to exist.

There is no way to build high-quality sites ... those that offer real value ... at a rate of two per week. Deciding now to do things in the right direction. To do this, you can ensure your long-term success ... and not just settle for a "quick score".


John said...

I'm kinda making a living with Adsense right now. Got to say that the program is fantastic although used to be skeptical (could you believe that you can get by getting people to click something). It was pretty hard to believe years ago.

When I open up and failed miserably in affiliate marketing, I tried it out and start to get stable income monthly. Thanks for sharing this information :)

laymen said...

I heard of sandbox in google. It is my friend's favorite hangout place. Once your site has been to sandbox, each time you comment or do social bookmark more frequently tho it is manually done, your site will still go to sandbox. It is like google is saying you are blacklisted. Not fair isnt it. Is there a way or software to check whether our site is in the sandbox ?

chewie said...

This is good article and advise for newbies like me. thanks

Z TECH V 5 said...

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belajar wordpress said...

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