Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Web site must haves

Books were the primary source of research before. With only these prints to attain information, people had no choice but to scan and even read through all its contents to find what they are looking for. Although there are indexes and page numbers indications, there is always a possibility that what is being said there does not correspond directly to what you are looking for. Bottom line, reading through.

With the internet at everyone’s disposal, researching and printing has taken a new perspective. Information getting is easier and much more efficient. With helpful and specific sites, what more could anyone ask for?

With the many companies using the internet for promotions and advertising, it is no wonder that the competition among them has become intense. More and more strategies are being thought of to gain advantage over another. What do these companies really need to keep people interested on their site?

Giving them the kind of content they cannot read anywhere else. In other words, try to be unique and different from the rest. Chances are, people would stay longer to read things they have not read before. And probably, even go back for more.

Remind people that your contents can be printed out. Any information that may seem important to them can be put in prints. Printing and browsing can be done all at the same time.

Get them to answer surveys about your site by offering rewards in return. Readers often disregard surveys that are made to help websites in their development. By offering them promos or small prizes, they would more or less spend a little of their time with these surveys.

Make use of directories where people can search for specific topics and information they need. This would insure time consumption and will be a relief to those in a hurry.

Be professional in your publishing. Grammatical and spelling errors are a major turn off to readers. Your website is being accessed worldwide by different kinds of people. Most of them are literate enough to understand and judge mistakes they will encounter.

Make your prints easy to read. Not too big or small for people to understand them easily. And not to bright or dark which is sometimes very irritating to the eyes. Using the right shade of colors in designs also needs consideration.

Use attention catching headlines, like a phrase or a sentence likely to arouse their curiosity. Graphic designs can also be a plus factor as long as it is related to your site and guaranteed to make people stop and stare and browse.


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